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Corporate: 314-822-1958
Vacation Missouri Office: 314-822-1957
Vacation Illinois Office: 618-259-1940

Gig Gwin


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Gig’s Travel Facts:
My travel adventures include the following: Traveled to:

Destination Specialist in 9 different regions of the world
320 countries, plus 25 former countries Caribbean 59 times
50 states and every U.S. city over 100,000 population Europe 59 times
All 7 continents Pacific Ocean 26 times
All major oceans, seas and rivers Asia 21 times
All major mountain ranges Africa 18 times
Climbed a mountain in all 12 regions of the world Atlantic Ocean 14 times
Golfed in 11 of the 12 regions of the world South America 14 times
(Antarctica has no golf courses) Middle East 10 times
All major world landmarks (418) Central America   7 times
All major world sightseeing Indian Ocean   6 times
Crossed the equator 31 times Antarctica   3 times
  Countless trips in North America

This includes over 2600 flights on 40 different types of aircraft, 38 cruises, numerous train, bus and automobile trips -- for a total of 3,750,000 total travel miles……and I still love exploration and travel. (2013)




Loving parents fostered his early years of travel in Maryland and later Missouri. Family vacations were full of exploration and by 18, he had visited 46 states. His first international travel experience was a trip to Vietnam, courtesy of the U.S. Army, and it was the beginning of a lifetime passion for travel and cultures. After graduating from the University of Missouri and a brief stint as a Trans World Airlines reservations agent, he joined Maritz Travel Company. As a Travel Director, Gig traveled extensively and gained experience in trip planning and destination development. In 1979, he founded Gwin’s Travel in suburban St. Louis. The company grew quickly and today includes leisure and business divisions. Gwin’s has over 30 employees, two offices and does 25 million dollars in annual sales. He is blessed with a 30 year marriage to wife, Terrie, 3 sons, 4 grandsons and a lazy cat (that sleeps all the time).