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By Thea Bailey

I have just returned home from a travel agent familiarization trip to Germany where we visited the Bavaria area which included Munich, Donauwὂrth, Nὂrdlingen, Neuburg and Regensburg.  In downtown Munich, we visited the beer gardens and walked around the area where Munich’s famous Christmas market takes place.    The famous mechanical clock tower in Munich, called the New Rathaus Glockenspiel, chimes daily with 32 life size figures doing various symbolic ceremonies.  On our driving tour, we crossed the Isar River, where we saw a person actually surfing on the Isar River.  Of course, Oktoberfest is the biggest event for Germany and draws millions of guests from all over the world.  We had dinner at the Spatehaus, with a view of the Opera Haus and a view of the statue of Maximillion, the first King of Bavaria.  We toured the Nymphenburg Palace and the Neue Pinakothek museum where we viewed two of Van Gogh’s famous paintings.

We stayed in Donauwὂrth at the Donauworth Park hotel which overlooks the town and the beautiful Danube River. We toured the Kᾂthe Kruse Doll Museum and took a boat ride on the Wὂrnitz, which connects to the Danube River.   During our walking tour we saw Klappi the stork, who is the town mascot. She was in her nest with her babies.

We visited the town of Nὂrdlingen, which is a beautiful medieval city, located within the Ries crater.  The crater was created 15 million years ago by a meteorite.  There is still the old wall that surrounded the town for protection, which makes a perfect circle around the city and its Gothic St. George church.  We walked a portion of the old wall, and a few of us even climbed the 295 ft. high tower of Daniel at the St. George church, for a view of the city from the top. 

Neuburg is east of Nὂrdlingen, our next town on the River Danube. We visited the museum at the Neuburg Palace and visited one of the oldest libraries in Europe.  We had a wonderful dinner at the Arco Schlὂsschen which overlooks the beautiful Danube River with a view of the Neuburg Palace in the distance.  We viewed the Audi showroom and the Audi Driving Experience, which is such a popular event that it books six months in advance.

Regensburg is approximately 2 hours northeast of Munich and sits along the Danube River. We took a boat ride on the Danube River on an old boat called the Donaustrudel, resembling an old Viking ship which carried salt up and down the river.  The Donaustrudel is now a pleasure cruise for daily rides on the River Danube.

This was a great trip along portions of the Danube River and the romantic road, seeing the beautiful countryside and meeting the friendly people of Germany!