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Travel Dreams

clientuploads/Travel-Dreams-Cover-01-02.jpgThis travel source book is designed to help readers decide on the best travel for their needs. The book is packed with information essential to a successful vacation experience. There are 33 well-researched lists, including Gig's selection of the 75 grand tours of the world, and more than 260 photos that give life to the destinations. Added attractions include more than 125 familiar and not-so-familiar quotations, plus a personal travel survey.


Uncover the travel gems of the world with globetrotter Gig Gwin. Gain insights and enjoy compelling destination stories from Gig's lifelong journeys around the world. He draws upon his years of travel, consulting and speaking in a down-to-earth book that touches on everything from grand tours of the world to dining with the locals in faraway places with strange-sounding names.


Settle into your comfortable chair and probe the world of travel as you never have before. Various chapters examine the five reasons people yearn to travel - from romance to adventure. Delve into special interests that strike your fancy, from festivals and fairs to symphonies and sports. Readers can take a travel survey that may just reshape their thinking about their next grand tour.


Immerse yourself in tourism through the ages, from the seven wonders of the ancient world to those of the modern world. Go back into the history of tourism with such fine fellows as Herodotus, Caesar Augustus, the Crusaders and Marco Polo. Continue on to modern times with tourism in the Age of Discovery and the origins of the grand tour during the Enlightenment. Learn about the first travel agent, Thomas Cook, and wander the world with news commentator Lowell Thomas.


Enjoy travel tips and pre-trip planning that will help make your next vacation go smoothly, from packing and common-sense health rules to shopping tips and creative photography.


Gig's list of the 75 grand tours of the world spans the globe, complemented by comprehensive information on landmarks and lodging. Take it from someone who's been there. These are the trips of a lifetime.


Whether or not you're a golfer, you're sure to enjoy a very special feature from golf travel writer Ron Cobb on the beauty of golf ... it's a gem. And if you haven't already, you just might start a love affair with America's national parks and monuments after reading a section contributed by Bob Hoelscher, the former chairman of the National Tour Association. You may be surprised at the almost 400 different parks and monuments available throughout the fifty states.


Whether your preferred mode of transportation is planes, trains, ships or automobiles, there is a chapter for you. All aboard, your seat is waiting. A chapter on lodging covers everything from economical motels to the grand 5-star resorts and includes a list of memorable hotels around the world.


Part of what makes a great vacation is freedom from cooking. Travelers will savor the chapter on dining and drinking around the world. After enjoying forty years of great meals and beverage in exotic locales, Gig might put a smile on your face and a hunger pang in your tummy.


Complete your journey through this book with a discussion of the best museums around the world - they are treasure troves of history, art and artifacts.


World traveler Gig Gwin invites you to join him in this celebration of the joy of exploration. Hopefully his love of travel will be contagious.


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