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Melissa is the BEST!!!!! I have a very "dependent on her" relationship and she never fails. She makes my job easier and I am ever so grateful for her. Thank you!!


Aug 22, 2017


It was such a pleasure to speak with you today Colleen W. Thank you so much for all your help, Silgan is lucky to work with such a great company (Gwins) and they are very lucky to have great people like you.

Have a wonderful day.


January 31, 2017


I’m writing to share kudos to Colleen Woods. Recently I was traveling home to Denver from Springfield, IL and realized when my outbound flight was delayed there were no connections out of O’Hare that night so would have to spend the night in Chicago.  Colleen Woods was so helpful in assisting me get a hotel reservation at the O’Hare Hilton.  Not only did she make the reservation but provided me her cell phone number to call or text if I was able to make my connecting flight so she could cancel the reservation for me.  When I found out the delay was due to mechanical issues she called the Hilton and had my reservation changed so I could use the United voucher and provided me with the Hilton contact information. I was able to walk off the flight and go directly to the hotel.  Avoiding lines at airline customer service and the taxi stand was wonderful. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten stuck unexpectedly in a city overnight but this is the most pleasant experience I’ve had.

 I want to make sure you are all aware of the exemplary customer service experience I received from Colleen.  This is the best service I’ve received from Gwins.


Dec 14, 2016


“Barb is awesome and so accommodating! After many changes, to one reservation, the information is always accurate. She is always pleasant and a joy to work with.”


October 26, 2016



Please let your supervisor know that you were absolutely awesome. Your customer service skills are impeccable. You were a wealth of information and a great help to me. I deeply appreciate it. Perfect example of what we are supposed to be like when asked for information.

Best of luck to you.


Aug 22, 2016


Hi Ladies and Charlie!

I just wanted to let you know I have taken a new role and will no longer be providing administrative support, so no more daily calls from me. 

I want to thank you SO MUCH for all the help – you girls and Charlie ROCK! Seriously, life savers. 

All my best!


July 13, 2016


“The personal touch of Gwin’s Travel, in addition to online travel access gives Korte Construction the ability to handle travel no matter what time of day or how short of notice.”


April 27, 2016


I must say I am extremely impressed with the caliber of customer assistance Gwin's Travel provides.  I had an issue with a recent reservation and had to call in for assistance.  I spoke with Don Fisher who not only helped to fix my current problem but answered every question I had about the services you provide.


Jan 13, 2016



Thanks very much for your efforts, greatly appreciated.  I had this feeling that there were some “opportunities” if you will, especially given the struggles we had getting it put together in the first place.    Let’s just say, you exceeded my expectations! 


Aug 10, 2015


Your staff is always so helpful to me.  From Jason on the Technical Staff who has been there for me in every step over the last 1½ years working with the old travel system along with your travel staff. Their expertise is always so helpful to me. 

I would also like to mention how Georgia and Teresa were so helpful to me the last 2 days.

You had referred me to Georgia to check on the Consolidate Fares for the two overseas travels I am working on.  Even though we could not get the pricing down to where the folks wanted it, Georgia’s knowledge of the system and the help she provided was so great.

 Teresa was very helpful to me as well.  Yesterday, because of the severe winter weather on the East Coast, I wanted to check on an applicant that was flying in and was not able to reach especially seeing ‘Cancel’ on the flights that was booked through Gwin’s.  Even though the resources were very slow yesterday, Teresa was able to help locate the information I needed.  She even went 1 step further.  She evidently had some questions for the airlines and also checked on the applicants schedule.  She was able to get all the new flight schedules and the time that he was going to arrive along with his return schedule since the information was not sent to Gwin’s.  Her initiative of going above and beyond tracking down his information and then contacting me this morning was greatly appreciated.

Please make sure to Thank them both for all their help.  I truly appreciate it.

Have a wonderful and warm week-end!


Mar 9, 2015


Thank you for all your hard work over the last few weeks in preparation for our big trip.  The group had a great time and we all returned safely without incident.  In particular, your support tracking flights and ensuring that our employees were provided with the best travel options was critical to the success of the event.  Thanks to you, our employees were able to relax and enjoy their stay knowing that their travel was well managed.  Please extend our thanks to the rest of the team as well.


Feb 26, 2015


Dear Rhonda,

 Congratulations on the changes within Gwin's Travel and your new role.

 I am writing to you to tell you that I very much value the services provided to me by Jason Staley, Gwin's Corporate Travel Online Support Specialist,  who helps me in his role assisting ATS. 

 I am a sales person and travel often.  I appreciate the high level changes made within your organization but must tell you the most important person to me is Jason.  He is always there to help me with last minute travel and when I am tired and stressed and must figure out how to get to the next business meeting.  He makes my life easier.  He will never know the impact that he has on the quality of my work life.  

Patty Lavelle

Jan 31, 2015


Thanks Kris for giving us your best today, you exceeded expectations in sharing your subject matter expertise, organization, bias for action, flexibility, and overall professionalism.  I easily concluded that if anyone is indispensable, it's your fine self.  You've given us everything we need to get the order, so here's looking forward to future collaboration.

Al Geismar

Jan 22, 2015



Thank you Phyllis.  I am very pleased to be staying here.  I am also very pleased to be working with you, Theresa and Phyllis.  The service is second to none!


October 30, 2014



Fyi- Gwin's was excellent during a very dynamic airline situation today.  I was able to rebook over the phone on a different airline at no cost w/o having to stand in line w/1000 of my closest friends in Detroit at the airline counter after Phily and Charlotte shutdown for weather.  Five stars for today’s performance; I like the website and the professionalism of staff.  Good move.


October 23, 2014


Hi Bob:

Both yourself and Jennifer had made this a great customer experience.

Your interest in the matter has been upstanding.

Once more thank you to both.


July 25, 2014


Thanks again for your assistance. I am still learning my way around, but I really like your service.


June 25, 2014


Huge thanks to Don Fisher in getting me  out of Chicago last night after my flight was cancelled due to maintenance and when everything at O’Hare was booked or oversold.

Bravo Zulu to Don!


April 16, 2014


I am so grateful for all you do for me, the visitors and the College. I don’t say this enough! 


February 25, 2014

I’m sure I don’t say this often enough, so  I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoy working with the travel agents at Gwin’s.  I’m in my 11th year here at Tripos(Certara) and I realized the entire time I’ve worked here, we’ve been w/the Gwin’s agency.  All of your agents are pleasant and extremely competent w/our travel requests, not to mention they exercise far more patience than I’m sure we deserve at times.   I think you already know what a gem Georgia Farley is; our CFO doesn’t allow anyone, including airlines agents, to have much input w/his itineraries, he trusts only Georgia w/his international travels.  Just this past week, Jennifer Foeller went above the call of duty in making arrangements for a Pharsight employee; she even called me early evening to tell me all was well w/his trip, which made for a good night’s rest for me.  I really appreciate all the agents at Gwin’s; they do a fantastic job of getting our employees to their destinations using their skills, patience and kindness.  Please give them a Big Thank You from all of us at Certara.

Barbara L

February 6, 2014



Please express our many thanks and appreciation to Kathleen for her hard work on Saturday.  She stayed with us all the way through the entire ordeal and should be commended for going beyond the call of duty. 

Best regards.  

Larry Ligon

December 10, 2013



On behalf of Chris, Michelle and myself and our families and young children

Thanks Angie, Carla, Lisa and all of you who made it possible for us to reach home. We got home early on a Friday and as I am watching the news ,we realize how grateful we are that we are not sitting up in a hotel room this weekend –as Dallas is not going to thaw this weekend.

This has never happened to us –we got home earlier than expected with a direct flight on a day when 1500 flights were cancelled-that is a miracle.

Thanks again for bringing us home.

Samson Jesudass, MD

December 9, 2013


You are just so good to us – THANK YOU! 

I’m thankful to work with such great people like you and all at Gwin’s – it’s truly a pleasure


November 25, 2013



Every time I work with Gwin's, I get exceptional service no matter how I try to complicate my travel requests. Every representative I've worked with, and it's been at least four or five, has been knowledgeable, helpful, responsive, and overall first-rate. Can't imagine any company better to deal with. Other businesses could learn a lot from Gwin's about customer service.

Tim K.

November 19, 2013



As a new associate at my company, I managed to work myself into a couple of problems due to my ignorance of my company's expense policy and process. Only GWIN'S could assist me in solving these problems. I contacted RESX Support and was assisted by Jason who provided excellent customer service. He identified the root cause of both my problems quickly and immediately provided the solutions. Jason was patient with me, cheerful, and genuinely cared about helping me. Now both myself and our accounting department are happy! Yeah Jason and thank you!


Oct 4, 2013


Just wanted to pass along that working with Gwin’s Travel has been great. Super friendly and detail-oriented. Great choice.

Thank you




"I just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance and staying late Friday afternoon in helping me secure a hotel room for Diestelkamp and Stichter for their travel to Orlando this week.  I was having trouble finding a hotel that wasn’t SOLD OUT and greatly appreciated your finding rooms for them at the Hyatt Regency at Orlando Airport.  Great team work!"

Debbie Weber



"Thanks for all your help yesterday with Mendy (Dr. Graham) and getting her two nieces here on such short and difficult notice.  It meant a lot to her.  She was praising you last night on how awesome you were at taking care of her and dealing with her.  I just wanted you to know that we appreciate it very much!!!! "

Tom Graham, Mendy's husband



"I travelled last Tuesday and Wednesday from Nashville to Milwaukee and back and had the worst trip I have ever had in 35 years of business travel.  The culprit was American Airlines and my rescuers were two of your excellent staff members.

The trip from Nashville to Chicago O’Hare went well but, when I arrived at the gate for my AA connection, there was no Agent at the gate (or any nearby American Airlines gate) but both the monitors in the hall and that at the gate reported my flight would be on time.  When the scheduled time passed there still was no agent and the monitors still read “on time.”  About 30 minutes later, a passenger caught a baggage handler who explained the AA computer system was down,  and we would be delayed.  An hour later an agent arrived and told us the flight had been cancelled.

At this point, I called your office and reached Barb Hustedt.  She was polite, efficient and got me scheduled on a United fright (the last that day to Milwaukee) in another terminal.  I made that flight (thanks to Barb) and was able to present at the meeting on Wednesday in Milwaukee.

 Following the meeting, I was scheduled to return on a 4pm American flight.  There was an agent at the gate this time, but she advised the flight would be “delayed.”  An hour later, they announced that that flight had been cancelled, but they would carry us to Chicago in a Bus in time to make our connections.  They did provide a bus, and it was the best part of the trip.  However, when we arrived in Chicago, I was advised that my connection home to Nashville was cancelled and to call a number at American to reschedule.  When I called the number, a recording said “your call will be answered in approximately 36 minutes.”

At that point, I once again called your office and reached Phyllis Oates.  She, too, was extremely helpful and solicitous, but had to report there were no more flights to Nashville that night.  After learning there were no remaining hotel rooms nearby, she scheduled me on a Southwest flight the following morning leaving from Midway airport, found me a hotel room that night near midway and arranged transportation for me to get there.

Please pass on to these two ladies my appreciation and gratitude for their fine help last week.  I would have spent two nights sleeping in an airport and missed the meeting without them."





I wanted to thank you all for arranging my son Zachary Hyams travel.  You all handled what had to be a very stressful situation with  tremendous professionalism.   I was very impressed by your prompt response to my inquiries and your handling of the situation.  I can only imagine what the past couple of days were like for you all.   Thank you.  I hope you have a very quiet week.

Kind regards,
Lori Hyams 



"You ladies are fantastic.  Can't thank you enough for all the hard work you've put in to help us out under stressful circumstances."




"I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the help and support we have received from Kris, June, Phyllis, Melissa, and all of the other Gwin's staff members over the past few weeks. It has been a challenging year, with weather, etc. and we appreciate their resilience."