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Do You Need a Vacation?

Posted by: Gwin's Corporate Travel on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 8:45:00 am
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As you know, the Gwin’s Corporate Travel team works hard to make sure that your business trips are smooth, well-planned, and economical. From the early planning stages through the final reports, we are there for you and your organization. We make it so simple to travel for business, that you may come to think you’re on vacation. But . . .

You’re not. Even a perfect business trip with a bit of fun is not a vacation.

According to Project Time Off, the average American worker only uses about 54% of their paid vacation time. Even though 96% of people say that using their vacation time is important to them, workers in the U.S. rack up about 662 million unused days. For employees, this means $66 billion lost in benefits. While that may seem like a boost to employers, it is very often made up for in sick time and lost productivity throughout the year. Further, the $236 billion that would have been injected into the economy through vacations is lost; costing jobs and revenue that would have built stronger communities.

The costs are higher than that for the people who forfeit vacation, as being overworked can lead to burnout, poor satisfaction, strained relationships, health problems, emotional problems, poor sleep and even increased addictions. People who vacation are found to have a more positive attitude toward work, increased happiness, improved mental and physical health, better relationships and social life, and higher productivity and performance. Think the management doesn’t believe in the benefits? Among senior business leaders, 91% believe that their employees return from vacations ready to work more effectively.

So, is it time for a vacation? Ask yourself these questions:

*Does my to-do list seem to get more daunting with every passing day?

*Am I experiencing more headaches, heartburn, aches and pains or minor colds?

*Have I begun making mistakes that are unusual?

*Do I find it more difficult than ever to focus?

*Am I turning to more than one or two drinks at the end of the day or taking on other unhealthy habits?

*Do little things seem like huge issues?

*Am I overly stressed and short tempered?

*Am I beginning to resent my co-workers?

If the answer is yes, then it is time for a vacation. Don’t get us wrong. We’ll happily plan your next business trip, and you’ll love every detail of our outstanding services. But today, we’re going to encourage you to do something that will benefit your health, your happiness, your family and your business. We’re going to introduce you to the other side of Gwin’s Travel. Click here to meet our leisure team. They’ve been creating memorable and hassle-free vacation travel since 1979. Employees who plan vacations are more likely to take all of their vacation days; and also experience increased happiness, better wellbeing and higher job satisfaction just from planning. We encourage you to get started today! 



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