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App-y Travels to You!

Posted by: Marketing on Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 9:30:00 am

Traveling for business can be challenging. There is much to accomplish, and sometimes that chance to see and enjoy a bit of leisure time happens (okay, we said “sometimes”). Wouldn’t it be nice if a personal assistant could accompany you on that next trip, arranging everything and ensuring the best accommodations, managing the trip schedule and providing updates about any changes? If that isn’t in the budget, then we have great news. We have run across several applications and websites that will serve you well before, during, and after your next trip.

*ItsEasy helps with obtaining a passport or visa, and it can be done in as little as one day! Of course, it’s best to have all documents in order, with copies on hand, long before a trip. But in a pinch, ItsEasy is there to solve passport or visa problems.

*Wingz is the organized traveler’s dream app. Everyone knows about the other apps for ordering a ride from one place to another. Wingz goes above and beyond by allowing the ride to be booked far in advance. Additionally, drivers are rigorously background checked, all vehicles must be a newer model and pass an inspection process.

*Playbill Passport is the perfect companion for that trip near Broadway. Once the business day is over, Playbill will help with coordinating a trip to the theatre and enhance the experience while you’re there.

*Whym is ideal for that last minute adventure (in select cities) that you didn’t know there would be time to enjoy. On a “whym,” get exclusive offers for tours and attractions at the last minute. No planning required!

*Timebox organizes all trip photos, and creates a customized timeline, where you can find the picture you want. This amazing app will also create movies, allow sharing and even print a book or other item.

*Gwin’s Corporate Travel Technology is the final set of tools that the corporate traveler must have. Our Corporate Travel Management Team is here to serve. From online booking to customized corporate management reports, your company is covered. We also offer TripCase, which provides one-touch access to critical details and provides up-to-the-minute alerts and notifications.

You’re never alone on your business trips; Gwin’s Corporate Travel is there for you with unmatched service. We wish you the app-iest of travels!


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