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Travel Securely

Posted by: Marketing on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 9:40:00 am


There’s so much to think about during your business travels: catching your flight and connections, remembering all you must bring along, checking baggage, making it through security, being effective during meetings and connecting with loved ones at home. Fortunately, the professionals at Gwin’s Corporate Travel can find the best deals and meeting all your travel needs.

Another travel need these days is the security of electronic devices. The average phone or tablet holds the same amount of information than a room full of computers did many years ago. Sensitive company information, account numbers, and more could be at risk in the event of a theft or hack. It’s up to the wise corporate traveler to be prepared.

  • Use common sense. Many things that are common sense seem obvious when stated, but are often forgotten in the moment. Don’t share passwords with unauthorized individuals. Be wary of overly interested strangers. Someone who seems overly chatty may be searching for information.
  • Focus. As mentioned above, it is easy to become harried and scattered with so much to do. Allow plenty of time to reach each destination. Be aware of surroundings. A distracted individual can become a target.
  • Keep devices with you at all times. If possible, make sure your laptop, tablet, and of course, phone, are in your possession or in your carryon baggage. Never walk away, even though it can be tempting to leave a charging device for a brief moment. When on the move, have a specific secure location for each device.
  • Have a strong password for each device and account. Yes, passwords are hard to remember. Unfortunately, if they aren’t, they’re easy to guess. Create strong passwords and do NOT use the same password for multiple accounts.  
  • Beware shared computers and public Wi-Fi networks. Stay away from public computers altogether. If it is necessary to use a public Wi-Fi, make sure it is a reputable and valid one (aka not fake), do not access sensitive information, and ensure each device is protected.
  • Protect. Protect devices with a strong security product. Most people have a generic antivirus product on their computers at home, but it is also necessary to use a high-quality product on all devices, especially during travel. Keep devices updated and backed up. While you’re at it, protect your personal and company credit cards with an RFID blocking wallet.
  • Know company policy and encourage security and privacy efforts. Everyone in the company should know the policy and methods used to protect confidential information. Those in leadership have the added responsibility to ensure that the company is protecting data and keeping up with security needs as technology advances.


Most importantly, stay calm and aware. This will prevent many security threats from occurring. Travel well, safe and secure. 


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