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Thankful for...

Posted by: Corporate on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 9:00:00 am

It’s almost Thanksgiving Day and our mouths are watering at the thought of digging into that savory turkey with all the fixings…and of course pie! Each of us will gather ‘round the table and reflect upon the people and things for which we are grateful.

We believe that our business travelers are special, with a special set of additional blessings. Let’s consider some things that business travelers may appreciate more than the average person.

Short lines. Yes, don’t we all love when we can zoom right up to the counter and present our boarding pass or order a latte. There’s nothing like a short line to put a smile on your face.

Electronic check in. Everyone has a smart phone, of course. We couldn’t be happier that more and more airlines and hotels are utilizing mobile devices to speed up our check-in processes. Of course, the electronic check-in processes lead to those short lines; a win win for all.

TSA Pre® Another way to save time and stress, allowing us to speed through security without removing shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and jackets.

Charging stations. Isn’t it nice to plug into a charging station while you wait?

Coffee. Speaking of recharging, sometimes we need a convenient and delicious cup o’ Joe. Between super busy schedules, long flights, and jet lag, good coffee is more than a luxury. We’re thankful there is a Starbucks® at each stop and layover.

Free Wi-fi. If there is ever a time when we business travelers feel like we’ve stumbled upon a pot of gold, it is when we come across free Wi-fi. Being on the go means multitasking and connecting to home from very far away. Wi-fi makes it possible. Free wi-fi makes it even better.

Comfy shoes. Do we even need to explain? A pair of good shoes will save the day, your back, and your mood.

Gadgets. We’re so grateful for the little things that make travel simple.

Helpers. Business travelers would be nowhere (literally) without those who help them get there. Administrative assistants, drivers, and of course, corporate travel agents make the road easier than any gadget ever could.

Home. We love business travel, and we are thankful for it. But, as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” Nothing makes us appreciate the comforts and the hearts at home like being away.

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! We want you to know that we are very thankful for each person and company that comes to us for a great corporate travel experience. We are grateful for our team of professionals and those with whom we do business. Oh, and of course, we’re thankful for pie…not because we’re business travelers…just because really, who isn’t?


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