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Staying Connected

Posted by: Gwin's Corporate Travel on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 10:30:00 am

Many folks will agree that business travel is a wonderful perk. You get to see new places, meet interesting people, and sometimes squeeze in a bit of touristy fun along the way. However, business travel is not without its drawbacks, including exhaustion, jet lag, living out of a suitcase, and dealing with the TSA.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge that business travelers face is that feeling of disconnect from home and family. Missing a party or your child’s recital can bring on the blues, especially as the holidays approach. Missing the day-to-day interactions can also be an issue, such as being there at bedtime, for carpools, and dinners together.

We have good news! There is no longer a reason to be disconnected while you travel. Technology has brought us many ways to stay in touch while we are on the road.

     *Social Media. This is especially helpful for those travelers with ties to teens. Don’t shy away from Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram. Chances are, your teen is posting or tweeting away, and you can tune in to discover what they’re having for lunch or who their favorite celebrity is dating. It will give you something to chat (or SnapChat) about later. Also, with live video feed functions, concerts, plays, and recitals can often be viewed in real time.

     *WhatsApp. This fabulous app brings you free calling and messaging, even internationally. What a great way to stay in touch without facing huge fees.

     *Santa’s Shopping List. If you’re strapped for time because of your travels, use your layovers and delays wisely. Many airports feature unique specialty shops, so you can pop in and fill some of those holiday wishes. Of course, technology comes to the rescue again, as you can shop anywhere from your mobile device. Most major retailers have online shopping available and offer great sales and shipping discounts this time of year. Of course, for one stop shopping, there’s always Amazon.

     *Quality time. While you’re away, spend some of that time planning a surprise family dinner to a fun restaurant or an outing to see holiday lights. Use the power of the internet to stay in the know about your community’s events and schedule a time to create some memorable activities while you’re home.

     *12 Days of Christmas. Send daily small gifts to those you love while you’re on the road. Forget the pipers piping (whatever that is), try some digital treats like a new downloaded movie or song or a few dollars in their Starbucks account.

 Staying connected has never been easier, even while on the road or across the globe. Happy business travel, friends!



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