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Employee Spotlight: Vicki Kopp

Posted by: Marketing on Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

This month’s Gwin’s Travel Employee Spotlight shines on Vicki Kopp. Vicki is the Group Coordinator within our leisure department. 

When Vicki was growing up, she dreamed of being an airline stewardess. Two of her cousins worked for TWA and Vicki felt it to be a very glamorous job. However, the same week she was accepted by an airline, she had also accepted a proposal to be married. She made the decision to not to take the position, but still very much wished to be in the travel industry. Vicki was offered a job as the first agent at Maritz Travel, a huge incentive and travel company in St. Louis. She worked at Maritz for five years and acquired her CTC designation. She then accepted a position as an International Travel Agent at Windjammer Travel, a high-end community travel agency. 

Vicki has worked in the travel industry for 40 years. During that time she has worn many hats: agent, office manager, trainer, operations manager, agency owner, group-only tour operator/owner, and tour guide. She joined Gwin’s Travel a year and a half ago, where she enjoys her most favorite job - creating and guiding group tours.

Vicki loves the creativity of her position where she creates cruises and tours to amazing destinations along with the brochures, presentation videos, after tour client videos to support the offerings. She loves to travel with the groups and the challenge of problem solving during the tours or cruises. She shares that “Seeing the same destination over and over is an exciting adventure each and every time as I am able to experience it through the eyes of a group of travelers visiting for the first time.”

When training agents, Vicki found her “mantra,” which is “don’t let your perceptions limit your experience or what you present to a client.” Vicki points out that the person in tattered jeans and t-shirt may have just won the lottery and is looking for the trip of his/her dreams. For example, an agent’s perspective that a fantastic cruise or tour is too expensive may limit what they present to a client.    

In her spare time, Vicki enjoys horses, photography, and audio books. She shares that the most interesting place she’s ever visited was Machu Picchu, where she felt like she was on top of the world. 

We love working with Vicki and value the experience and enthusiasm she brings to our group tours and cruises. Thank you Vicki, for all you do. 


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