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Gwin's Travel Employee Spotlight: Jean Walters

Posted by: Gwin's Corporate Travel on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 9:54:00 pm

At Gwin’s Travel, our team works hard for your team. We ensure your business professionals arrive where they need to and we do so at the best value for your company. We are proud of the top-notch service we offer, and the individuals who work hard to provide it. Each month, we’ll be sharing the inside scoop on one person from our team. 

First in the employee spotlight is Senior Vice President of Operations, Jean Walters. Jean has been with Gwin’s Travel for 31 years! She began as a 19-year-old entry-level employee running around the city delivering airline tickets. She moved up to become a Corporate Travel Agent, then Corporate Branch Manager, Director of Operations, and now serves in her current role of Senior VP.

As Operations Manager, Jean states that she “knows a little bit about a lot of things.” We would argue that she actually knows a lot about everything, she shares her knowledge across a wide variety of areas. Jean loves that she has the opportunity to mix it up in her work. Her job includes training, learning new software to teach agents, working as human resources manager, managing the marketing, working on the website or social media, “playing” operator, serving as a corporate agent, attending to leisure vendors, creating the ARC report, training independent consultants and more.  

Jean was drawn to the travel industry by a love of learning, particularly about history and different cultures and countries. She adds that she loves working at the computer as well, though in the beginning it was an MS DOS system, she now enjoys working in a Windows environment. We sure have come a long way since! 

Jean’s attention to detail has been instrumental in her success. She advises keeping an accurate and detailed traveler’s profile, with updated information, including likes, dislikes and frequent flyer numbers for preferred airline, hotels and car rental companies. 

Everyone in the exciting travel industry has a fabulous fun side, and Jean is no exception! The first concert she ever attended was Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band, and she’s still a “Travelin’ Man” (well, woman, actually). She loves spending time in Missouri’s lakes and rivers. She accomplishes all her work during the week, so weekends can be spent swimming, fishing, riding ATVs, being with family, and going to football games. She’s up for anything outdoors, but her preferred destination is always the beach – most any beach.

We are so honored to have Jean as a part of our team!



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