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Tell Us Your Travel Tale and Win!

Posted by: Gwin's Corporate Travel on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 12:00:00 am
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If there is one thing that corporate business travelers have in common, it’s the stories. Stories about the delays experienced, interesting fellow travelers, fascinating food and wonderful, wacky or just plain weird hotel stays. Some stories stand out more than others. So, what’s your story? We want to hear it!

And, if you are willing to share your story there could be something awesome in it for you. Each month, all those who submit a video of them telling their story will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate. At the end of our contest year (8/31/17) one entry from the year will win travel luggage! Even better, you will become part of a community of fellow business travelers and learn about the many and varied adventures of your peers. 

A few items to note:

* We are looking for original stories from the person telling the story (by all means if you know of a friend, family member or colleague with a good story, be sure to share our contest    with them).

* Keep your videos 1 – 3 minutes in length.

* Make sure to speak clearly so we can clearly hear your story (because we really do want to hear your story).

* Shoot your videos in landscape or horizontal mode for best viewing.

* Make the light work for you, not against you. We truly do want to see your lovely face.

* Mostly, have fun!

To learn more, please visit our Facebook page, here we share a video that introduces the contest and shares details on how to enter. By the way, we recommend you watch the video to the very end; you’ll know exactly why we suggest you do so.

The best videos will be those that highlight fun, interesting, wacky, adventurous, heart-touching and this-actually-happened stories.

If you need help in knowing how to upload a video, go here

For official rules, go here.

Thank you for participating in our contest!


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