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Less Annoying Flight Delays

Posted by: Gwin's Corporate Travel on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 7:00:00 am

 flight delays

We cannot control Mother Nature, security concerns or mechanical issues. Though we know they happen, and we know we are best to stay grounded until the skies are back to being friendly, flight delays are no fun for anyone. For the business traveler, a delayed flight can be more than annoying; it can mean a missed meeting or a failed deal. Over the past 30 days in the United States alone, over 11,500 flights were delayed and 178,600 cancelled.

Here is information for you, business traveler:

- Make sure to keep all information* in one easy-to-access location. This includes flight numbers, reservation numbers, departure and arrival times, etc.

- Monitor the weather in the days prior to the departing flight. If a travel advisory is issued, start rearranging travel plans* sooner than later - before arriving to the airport.

- If plans cannot be altered, pack in preparation for a delay at the airport. Snacks, medication, toiletries, and chargers should be easily accessible. Have electronics on hand so you can catch up on work or catch up on your favorite Netflix binge.

- Be prepared to contact anyone with whom a meeting is scheduled. Keep all numbers of important business contacts on hand, and communicate with them about your travel status.

- Check flight status before going to the airport. If it appears that a flight will be delayed, contact the airline* directly for information and guidance. Staying at home or in a hotel is much more comfortable than waiting at the airport. 

These points will definitely help to ease the tension that can occur with flight delays. That said, we wish to share another fabulous way to ease delay woes and that is with Gwin’s.

*Gwin’s Travel makes this easy! Travelers who book through Gwin’s Travel need only make ONE call – no lines and no forever on-holds. Even when the office is closed, our In-House After Hours Helpline will assist travelers with all aspects of this process and get you to your destination as quickly and seamlessly as possible. In addition, Gwin’s Travel makes it simple to keep all information in one spot and to stay updated on flight information with the TripCase app. TripCase provides one touch access to critical trip details, as well as relevant real-time alerts and notifications, and monitoring of events that could affect travel plans.


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